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SHROOMYBREWS™ Cordyceps Coffee

Energize Blend (250g)

Energize Blend (250g)

Delicious Arabica Mushroom Coffee
Biodegradable Pouch
FREE Handmade Bamboo Spoon
FREE Top Mushroom Coffee Recipes
  • Instant Coffee
  • Ethical & Organic
  • 1.2g 🍄 / Serving
  • 42 Servings
  • $0.76 / Cup
  • 250g Pouch
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Energize Guarantee

Let me tell you about our Energize Blend—it's a game-changer. Seriously, this stuff is designed to give you a boost like no other. But hey, we get it. Sometimes you gotta try it to believe it. That's why we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yep, that's right. You grab our Energize Blend, give it a whirl for a month, and if you're not feeling the energy surge we promised, no sweat! We'll refund you without a second thought.

But honestly, we're pretty darn confident you're gonna love it. We've seen how it helps folks kickstart their day, stay focused, and keep that energy flowing without the crash. So why wait? Give it a shot, and let's get energized together!

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  • Mushroom Coffee - No Mid-Day Slumps


  • Fatigue Icon - Shroomybrews Mushroom Coffee


  • Athletic Performance Boost Icon


  • Flu and Cold Fighting with Mushroom Coffee


Energy Enhancement

⚡️Increases stamina and energy levels for improved endurance.
💪 Fights off fatigue and boosts vitality throughout the day.
🏃‍♂️ Enhances physical performance and athletic endurance.

Respiratory & Immune Support

🫁 Supports respiratory health and enhances lung capacity.
🌬️ Helps alleviate symptoms and improve lung function in asthma patients.
🦠 Enhances the body's natural defenses against infections and diseases.

Endurance & Recovery

🏋🏽Improves oxygen utilization for better endurance during physical activity.
🏆Speeds up recovery time after exercise or physical exertion.
❤️Aids in maintaining healthy cardiovascular function and blood flow.

  • Mushroom Coffee Pouch - Bamboo Spoon Included

    FREE Bamboo Spoon + 3 Recipes

    Get the finest bamboo spoon and top 3 coffee recipes with your Shroomybrews order!

  • Mushroom Coffee - No Mid-Day Slumps

    No Mid-day Slumps

    With only 45 mg of caffeine per cup.

  • Mushroom Coffee Beans

    Delicious Arabica

    Using organic Colombian instant coffee, each serving packs a generous 4800 mg of coffee.

  • Organic Mushroom Icon

    Supercharged Mushroom

    Each serving contains a high-potency mushroom extract of 1200 mg.

  • ShroomyBrews Compostable Coffee Pouch

    Biodegradable Pouch

    Go Green with Our Eco-Friendly, 100% Biodegradable Pouches!

Shroomybrews Certifications

Mushroom Coffee Recipie

Brewing the Perfect Mushroom Coffee Elixir!

1. Add a tablespoon of ShroomyBrews mushroom coffee.
2. Pour 150 - 200 ml of hot or cold water.
3. Add milk and sweetener, just like you would in your regular cup of coffee.
4. Stir it all together with your beautiful bamboo spoon.
5. Savor the magic.

More Recipes

Sip, Savor, and Learn, Your Shroomybrews...

FAQ Guide

What is the difference between mushroom coffee and regular coffee?

Mushroom coffee differs from regular coffee in the numerous benefits it offers. Unlike regular coffee, which can cause fatigue, jitters, palpitations, and headaches, Shroomybrews' mushroom coffee acts as an adaptogen and offers a healthy alternative. By replacing your regular coffee with mushroom coffee, you can benefit from increased energy, stress reduction, improved focus, and immune system strengthening. You'll feel better and be able to easily accomplish the many tasks of your daily life!

How much caffeine is in the product?

A cup of our mushroom coffee contains about 45 mg of caffeine, which is less than half the amount found in a cup of regular coffee. To maintain energy naturally and get rid of jitteriness, we turn to mushrooms and MCTs, not caffeine.

Can you taste the mushrooms in the coffee?

Our coffee products are custom-made to ideally complement the flavors of the mushrooms. When the coffee is combined with its perfect counterpart, the characteristic taste of the mushrooms becomes imperceptible to the palate!

When is the best time to consume Shroomybrews?

We might be biased because we love drinking Shroomybrews all day. However, we recommend drinking it first thing in the morning to elevate your energy levels, activate your focus, and reach peak happiness. It's the ideal way to start the day. It also works great as an afternoon pick-me-up. Not at all harsh like coffee, its calm energy gently carries you into the evening hours.

How should I use it?

Shroomybrews is a ready-to-drink beverage. With the provided bamboo spoon, pour one serving (6g) into a cup, add 150 ml of simmering water. To personalize your drink, you can add plant-based milk and sweetener according to your preferences, just like you would with your regular coffee. Stir and enjoy!

Where do the mushrooms come from?

The mushrooms used in our products are ethically and organically grown in Asia, in collaboration with farmers who have been trained to use sustainable farming practices to ensure ideal growth conditions. The mushrooms are certified non-GMO, herbicide-free, pesticide-free, and chemical fertilizer-free, guaranteeing the superior quality of our products while positively contributing to the lives of local farmers.

How does my subscription work?

We will send you a confirmation email for your next delivery according to your subscription plan. If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so at any time by accessing your account page. We strive to deliver only what you need.

When will I receive my order?

We process orders within 24 to 48 hours. Once the order is shipped, you will receive an email containing the package tracking information.